2- Address of the Society/Association: Shivangi Clinic Building, Wazidpur Dakshini, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh-222002
3-Working Area of the Society/Association: All District Of Uttar Pradesh
4-Objectives/Aim of the Society/Association: The aims and Objectives of the Society/Association shall be:-
i. Sponsorship of meetings both national and international, whether in colleges, hospitals, institutions or any other convenient place for promoting academics.
ii. Publication of official journal and other bulletins or communications.
iii. The academic and teaching activities of the federation shall be promoted by the academic wing of the UPSA.
iv. Co-operate with other medical societies and national or international organizations in promoting the science of ultrasound.
v. Appointment of committees and commissions on special problems or issues.
vi. Awarding of prizes, fellowships and distinctions.
vii. To promote the formation of national or regional societies or groups to promote improved communication and understanding in the community using ultrasound in medicine.
viii. To protect and preserve the interest and welfare of members and protect right to practice.
ix. To discourage and condemn the activity of sex determination by Ultrasound aiding Female feticide.
x. To assist and advice government and non-governmental organizations in all matters pertaining to ultrasound and allied sciences.
xi. To propagate, impart and adopt methods to organize charitable and public awareness activities.
xii. To promote a feeling of brotherhood amongst members of association & other professional colleagues.
xiii. To undertake all such activities those promote and enhance the knowledge in all fields of Ultrasound & allied sciences with advancement.
xiv. To protect the rights of its members & If needed for other professional colleagues also.
xv. To co-ordinate with Cultivation and promotion of medical science related to Ultrasound.
xvi. Promotion of high the activities of various established association/ societies of medical disciplines.
xvii. To provide a platform for the professional interaction of Clinical sonologists.
xviii To promote health education in the association related to Ultrasound.
xix. To set and monitor the standards of Medical Ultrasound practice.
xx. To maintain a library, museum and a association office and a study circle by subscribing to various journals in India and abroad.
xxi. To undertake all such activities that may promote the furtherance of above mentioned objectives.
xxii. To publish a periodical of ultrasound articles.
xxiii To organize, provide and or assist medical ultrasound orientation training programme for clinical Sonologist with help of any reputed institute in India.
xxiv. To organize free Ultrasound Camps in Clinical Sonologist’s clinic / hospital or Institute.
xxv. To assist and advice government and non-governmental organizations in all matters pertaining to ultrasound and allied sciences without any financial help from government.
xxvi. The association and its official periodical will be a non-profitable organization for the promotion and welfare of medical ultrasound.
xxvii. To do all such other things, as are cognate to the objects of the association or are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.




1- Name of the Society/Association:



2- Address of the Society/Association:

Shivangi Clinic Building, Wazidpur Dakshini, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh-222002


3- Working Area of the Society:

Uttar Pradesh.



Eligibility criteria for various categories of membership:
A medical doctor holding qualification M.B.B.S. from any university recognized by Uttar Pradesh Medical Council and with an active interest in the field of medical Ultrasound, whose scientific stature is in keeping with the aims of the association, not in retrospect but from the date of the approval by the executive committee, will be eligible to be enrolled as member in following degree or diploma, M.D. (DOCTOR OF MEDICINE) Anesthesiology, Aviation Medicine, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Community Medicine, Dermatology, Venerology and Leprosy, Family Medicine, Forensic Medicine, General Medicine, Geriatrics, Health Administration, Hospital Administration, Immuno Haematology and Blood Transfusion, Medical Genetics, Microbiology, Nuclear Medicine, Pathology, Paediatrics, Pharmacology, Physical Medicine Rehabilitation, Physiology, Psychiatry, Rheumatology, Sports Medicine, Tropical Medicine, Tuberculosis & Respiratory Medicine or Pulmonary Medicine. DIPLOMAS for which candidates must possess recognized degree of MBBS, Anesthesiology (D.A.), Clinical Pathology (D.C.P.), Community Medicine (D.C.M.), Dermatology, Venerology and Leprosy (DDVL), Forensic Medicine (D.F.M.), Health Education (D.H.E.), Health Administration (D.H.A.), Immuno-Haematology & Blood Transfusion (D.I.H.B.T.), Marine Medicine (Dip. M.M.), Microbiology (D.Micro), Nutrition (D.N.), Obstetrics & Gynecology (D.G.O.), Occupational Health (D.O.H.), Ophthalmology (D.O.), Orthopedics (D.Ortho.), Oto-Rhino Laryngology(D.L.O.), Paediatrics( D.C.H.), Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (D.Phy. Med. & R.), Psychiatry (D.P.M.), Public Health (D.P.H.), Sport Medicine (D.S.M.), Tropical Medicine & Health (D.T.M. & H.), Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases (D.T.C.D.), Virology (D.Vir.), D.M. (DOCTOR OF MEDICINE) in D.M. Cardiac Anaesthesia, D.M. (Hepatology), DM (Organ Transplant Anaesthesia & Critical Care), DM(Critical Care Medicine), DM(Paediatric Hepatology), DM (Neuro -Anaesthesia), DM (Paediatric Nephrology), DM (Reproductive Medicine), DM (Infectious Disease), DM (Virology), DM (Paediatric Oncology), DM (Geriatric Mental Health), DM (Paediatrics and Neonatal Anaesthesia), D.M.(Infectious Disease), D.M. (Onco-Pathology), M.Ch. (MASTER OF CHIRURGIE) in Cardio vascular & Thoracic Surgery, Urology, Neuro-Surgery, Paediatrics Surgery, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Surgical Gastroenterology, Surgical Oncology, Endocrine Surgery, Gynecological Oncology, Vascular Surgery, Paediatric Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgery, M.Ch. HepatoPancreatto-Billary Surgery, M.Ch.(Hand Surgery), M.Ch.(Head & Neck Surgery), M.Ch. (Reproductive Medicine)

A medical doctor holding minimum M.B.B.S. degree practicing ultrasound, registered with PC-PNDT and complying PC-PNDT Rules shall be eligible to be member of UPSA.



1. In membership application Affix Photograph of Registered Medical Practitioner/ Clinical Sonologist with Xerox Copy of UPMC Registration Number/ MCI, CMO Registration & PC-PNDT Registration issued from Appropriate Authority of District.
2. The Honorary General Secretary will circulate the name of the applicant with his remarks to the members of the executive committee for their approval.
3. Ordinarily, if there are no adverse remarks by any member of the executive committee, the applicant will be enrolled as a member.
4. In case of adverse remarks against any applicant, the matter will be placed before the executive committee at its next meeting.
5. In case of acceptance of the applicant as a member, the Honorary General Secretary shall forthwith give due notice of admission to the new member or directly start official communication to member email.
6. If it is not accepted, it shall be deemed that the membership of the association is not granted to the applicant. The application and the declaration form shall be filed as documents of the association at the registered office.
7. Any adverse remark made against any applicant will be totally confidential and it is not open for public scrutiny.
8. If any applicant is not granted the membership. The admission and subscription fee paid by him shall be returned to the applicant from UPSA bank account through Account Payee Cheque.
9. If membership fee deposited directly in bank account by new proposed member of Uttar Pradesh Sonological Association (U.P.S.A.) and application with required documentation are incomplete & not send to Correspondence Address of the Uttar Pradesh Association (U.P.S.A.) Shivangi Clinic Building, Wazidpur Dakshini, Jaunpur (U. P.) 222002 then he/she will not be consider as member of Uttar Pradesh Sonological Association (U.P.S.A.) and its District Chapter & that payment will be non-refundable. In that condition he/she should be informed once by email or registered post if address correct.
10. No such Clinical Sonologist/ Registered Medical Practitioner will be part of U.P.S.A. who is not doing ultrasound examination and given his/her registration to some other unqualified person to do in his/her name.
11. Clinical Sonologist/ Registered Medical Practitioner should not involve in sex determination/ Selection or female foeticide.
12. Member should work in SERVICE OF HUMANITY with aim EVERY LIFE MATTERS.
13. Clinical Sonologist/ Registered Medical Practitioner should follow P.C.P.N.D.T Rule-3(3), Rule-9(1), Rule-17-1&2, Rule-6-2 Section 22 (1&2), Rule-5(a,b,c), Section 4,29, Rule-9(8), Section 29 Rule-9, Rule-19(18).
14. Should Send Form-F to Appropriate Authority regularly before 5th of every month & filling Form-F online (if compulsory).
15. No legal action from District / State Appropriate Authority or Criminal Case should be pending to become new member.
16. Non medico or any other qualification other than mentioned in UPSA bylaws can not be member of U.P.S.A. & it will be never change by any one in association even if majority wants. It should never change in future also.
17. If by mistake of office an unqualified person or not full filling criteria of membership then without prior information he should be remove from any type of membership & membership fee should not return to that particular person without any communication from office bearer of UPSA.
18. Membership cannot be transferred to any other.
19. No other than above criteria of membership are there to colleagues, can be member of U.P.S.A. & this criteria should never change in full majority so its repeated mentioned.

The Association Will Have Following Types of Membership-


Persons eligible to become Life member shall fill the prescribed membership application form with declaration and forward the form along with the subscription fee to the Association.
Life members are required to pay annual dues as decided or required by current executive committee other than membership fee of Rs 10,000/ (Ten thousand).

Life member shall be entitled:-
1. To attend, take part and vote in all general body meetings of the association.
2. To become a member of the executive committee.
3. To propose or second candidates for admission to the association.
4. To introduce visitors to scientific meetings of the association.
5. To a copy of each issue of the periodical and other publications of the association either free or on payment of any prescribed charges during the continuance of the membership.
6. To use the library and ultrasound museum and premises of the association under the regulations which may from time to time be laid down by the executive committee.


Annual membership will be given to qualified registered Clinical Sonologist as per U.P.S.A. norms.
i. An Annual member shall be entitled-
1. To attend and take part in all the general meetings of the association but without the right of voting.
2. To have a copy of each issue of the periodical and other publications of the association either free or on payment of any charges that may be levied during the continuance of membership.
3. To use the library, Ultrasound Museum and premises of the association under the regulations which may from time to time be laid down by the executive committee.
4. An Annual member will lose his rights and privileges if he fails to pay the annual subscription fee as per the rules or bye-laws of the Association.

ii. An Annual member shall not be entitled-
1. To exercise vote in any of the meetings of the Association.
2. To contest for election to the executive committee
3. To be co-opted on various committees and sub committees by the executive committee.
4. To become an office bearer of the Association.
5. To introduce visitors to the scientific meetings of the association.

1. This will be given to those members who are above the age of seventy years by decision of executive committee.
2. A senior active member should have Life membership of Uttar Pradesh Sonological Association (U.P.S.A.) in past and should have no outstanding dues.
3. They will be exempted from payment of annual dues.
4. They shall have voting right, will not hold any office but shall be entitled to attend all the meetings and enjoy all privileges of the association.
5. If he/she is not a member of Uttar Pradesh Sonological Association (U.P.S.A.) then he/she should pay membership fee as per rule & cannot be member as senior active member.

1. Individual Rs.10000.00 (Rupees Ten Thousand).
2. Couple Rs.12000.00 (Rupees Twelve Thousand).
3. If any other family member with same address & parents detail then Rs.2000.00 (Two Thousand) each apart from Rs.10000.00 (Rupees Ten Thousand) of as family head as individual.
4. Compulsory legal fee of minimum Rs.10000.00 (Rupees Ten Thousand) for Life Member.
5. Rs.5000.00 (Rupees Five Thousand) from those who already fighting case in Honorable Supreme Court or High Court, can join membership as individual.
6. Any other association joining hand with U.P.S.A. should pay as per executive committee decide after meeting but there fee should not be less than seventy percent of total fee for life membership. Example as individual Rs 7000.00 (Rupees Seven Thousand)
7. Annual Membership-Rs.2500.00 (Rupees Two Thousand & Five Hundred) each year (Validity starts from the day of payment for 365days after completing all formality of application form.) Next year fee should be deposited 15days before expiry of membership period.
8. In welfare of clinical sonologist, UPSA can join any federation with consent of office bearers and executive members without losing its identity & no extra payment should be taken from any member to join the same.

i. Activities fund/periodic subscription will be different from membership fee as decide by executive committee.
ii. The structure of the membership subscription will be formulated and altered by the executive committee from time to time to be ratified for execution by the General Body.
iii. The subscription shall be accepted by DD/Cash/Cheque/NEFT.
iv. In Honorable Supreme Court/High Court/District Court or in front of State Appropriate Authority if any fund needed for legal fight everyone has to contribute to UPSA as per decision of Executive Member Body.



i. A Member may at anytime resign the membership by giving 07 days notice in writing email to The Hon. General Secretary attached to the Registered office of U.P.S.A. also. Not in oral to any member or office bearer or through Telegram or WhatsApp or SMS.
ii. The governing body by decision of 2/3rd majority of the members present may take any disciplinary action against any defaulting member on its own, or in pursuance of a notice signed by at least two members.
iii. A member whose social or political activities are considered detrimental to the interest of the association shall cease to be a member of UPSA.
iv. A written complaint should be made by at least two life members following which the executive committee shall decide on the verdict to be ratified by the general body.
v. Any person who ceases to be a member for any reason shall nevertheless remain liable or and shall pay to the association all the dues.
vi. The cost of litigation if any, will be borne by the association.
vii. The resigning member shall pay up all the dues standing against him.
viii. The Hon. General Secretary concerned shall put up a statement of outstanding dues against such member a clearance certificate along with his resignation letter shall be sent to the registered office, then the registered office shall within a fortnight accept the resignation.
By removal of names on account of non- payment of subscription after due notice as follows:-
i. In the case of any category of member subscription remains unpaid by 30th September his membership shall be terminate automatically after having followed the procedure of reminding the member by email. The Registered Office is not responsible for the postal delay or loss if by post.
By removal of names on the ground of undesirable conduct:-
i. If the conduct of a direct a committee/sub-committee member be deemed by the executive committee or the committee/sub-committee, respectively, prejudicial to the interest of the association (or) be considered to bring the medical profession into disrepute, the Executive committee or the city committee/sub-committee, as the case may be, may ask him to submit a written explanation being found unsatisfactory, the member may be asked to either apologies or resign from the Association.
ii. If the member is agreeable, the apology shall be sent to the Registered office with a confidential note giving details of the case for future reference.
iii. In the event of the said member refusing either to apologize or resign when asked to do so, a meeting of the Executive Committee or the city committee/sub-committee shall be called to consider the case and at least 7 days notice of the meeting shall be given to the member concerned, and he shall be given an opportunity to explain his conduct.
iv. If member desires to do so. If, at the meeting ¾ of the members present having recorded their votes for removal of his name from the membership, the resolution along with the member’s explanation and other recorded shall be sent to the Executive committee and the Executive Committee may ask for explanation from the member so affected if found necessary in its discretion before final decision and if the Executive committee decided to remove the names from membership Register, then his name shall be removed from the Register of member of the association and / or city committee/sub-committee only after receipt of such a confirmation.
v. In the meantime all rights and privileges of the member shall be suspended.
vi. By removal of the name on the ground of conviction in a court of law ipso-fact:
vii. Upon sentence of conviction in a court of law for any crime, involving moral turpitude:
viii. Upon being de-registered by the medical council of India or a Uttar Pradesh Medical council on the ground of unethical conduct.
xi. Upon forfeiture thorough misconduct of the medical qualifications by virtue of which he ceases to be eligible for membership.
i. Any person who has ceased to be member by resignation of default can be readmitted on fresh application being made by him and on payment of readmission fee of Rs. 5000.00 (Rupees Five Thousand) in addition to a fresh Annual or life membership fee, such an application shall be scrutinized by the Executive committee in the case of direct member and by the city committee/sub-committee in the case of a committee/sub-committee member.
ii. A person who has been removed on the ground of undesirable conduct be readmitted on the expiry of 2 years or thereafter, provided his application for re-enrolment is supported by 10 members of the association, testifying his good conduct during the intervening period. He must also submit a written apology acceptable to the executive committee and his City /District Committee/ Sub-Committee concerned.
iii. But in the case of removal of the name on the ground of conviction in a court of law, readmission shall be possible only subsequent to such a person’s name being re-entered in a the medical register.



a. General Body.
b. Executive Committee



a. General body will consist of all type of members.
b. General Body Meeting :
i. It shall meet at least once a year ordinarily upto January month after closing of the financial year. The President will fix up date, place & time for such meetings if possible with CME.
ii. It shall consider such other matters as may be brought up before it by the Governing Body. It will review the working of the association.
iii. The minutes of all the meetings shall be correctly kept and recorded as early as possible and shall be signed by the chairperson of the meeting and confirmed at the next meeting.
iv. All questions submitted to a meeting shall be decided, (except in case specially provided for) be a majority of votes as registered by show of hands or in such other manner as the chairperson of the meeting shall determine.
v. No business shall be transacted at a requisition meeting other than that for which the meeting is called for.
vi. GBM will be convened if any ten members requests President to do so in case of any emergency. Always prefer request from them at e-mail upsonoasc@gmail.com
c. Information for General Body Meeting:
i. Notice period for the meetings of the General Body will be at least 15 days. Only Special meeting of the General Body may be called with 7 days notice period.
ii. Notice shall be sent to members either personally or by post at their address as registered in the books of association or email as per office record.
iii. Notice of all motions to be placed before the annual General Meeting shall reach the Hon. General Secretary at least 21 days before the date of the meeting.
iv. Notice of any amendment to the resolution to be brought forward before the Annual General Meeting must reach the Hon. General Secretary at least four days before the date of the General Meeting and copies of all the amendments received shall be made available to the members attending the meeting as far as possible.
v. No motion or amendment of which due notice has not been given shall be put to the meeting unless sanctioned by the President with the consensus of the house.
vi. However, a motion to change the order of business or for proceedings for dissolution for adjournment of the meeting or for closure, or for proceedings to the next item of business on the agenda paper or for referring back for further consideration and report them when the motion is one dealing with a recommendation of a committee or an amendment thereof may be accepted by the chairperson as formal if moved by any member present.
vii. Any notice, if served by post, shall be deemed to have been served on the day following that on which the same is posted and is providing such service, it shall be sufficient to prove that the notice was properly addressed and posted.
d. Time/Date of Annual General Body Meeting:
It will be called in a year. The 2/3rd Member of Executive Committee will decide date, place and time.
e. Quorum:
i. The quorum for special General body meeting or annual
1. General body meeting shall 1/3rd of the total regular membership.
2. If there is no quorum for General Body Meeting it can be postponed.
3. The postponed meeting shall be conducted after the expiry of one hour.
4. No quorum is required for the postponed meeting.
5. The actual presence of the members can be treated as quorum.
f. Duties and Rights of the General Body:
i. The Election if necessary (in the absence of President or the Vice President) of the Chairperson.
ii. To elect office-bearers and Executive Committee members, as per rules.
iii. Confirmation of the Minutes of the previous meeting of the Executive Committee
iv. Consideration of the Annual Report of the year.
v. Consideration of the Audited Accounts of the year.
vi. Consideration of the Budget of the ensuing year.
vii. Amendments of Rules for Consideration and Recommendation to General Body.
viii. Amendments of bye-laws
ix. Resolutions brought forward by individual members of association.
x. Any other business with the permission of the Chairperson



a. The Executive Committee:
-Will consist of Members elected by General Body, which will have (a) President 1(b) Vice-President 1 (c) Honorary Secretary General 1 (d) Joint Secretary (Nominated by the President) 1 (e) Treasurer 1(f) Joint Treasurer 1 (g) Editor in chief of Journal 1 (h) Executive Members 10 (i) Ethics & Legal Committee Members 5 (j) Spokesperson 2 (k) Honorary Patron 3 (l) Academics Committee Members 15.
-This strength can either be increased as per the requirements by 2/3rd majority in General Body Meeting.
-All these members of the Executive committee shall be ratified by the members of “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION” present at the annual General Body meeting of the association.
-All the past Presidents of association shall be ex-officio members of the executive committee.
-Chairpersons of committees of the “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION” as and when formed shall be decided by the Executive Committee.
-The term of President, Vice President and Secretary shall be for three years.
-No post will be held by the same person for more than two times each.
-The members of Editorial Board shall not exceed seven in number.
-Ethics & Legal Committee should have 5 members from UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION and in Honorable Supreme Court / High Court / or any District Court of India they will fight legally for their Clinical Sonologist member.
-Each district chapter coordinator will be in executive committee for three years will coordinate between district chapter and UPSA Head Office.
b. Meetings:
Normally the Executive Committee will meet two times in a year. However Special meeting can be called for at any times as and when required.
c. Notice/Information:
i. A written notice of the meetings of the Executive Committee will be sent to the Members at least 9 days in advance by hand or email or the registered post .
ii. The President may in special cases call for an emergent/special Meeting and in such cases the condition for notice shall be only 24 hours.
d. Quorum:
The quorum for the meeting of the Executive Committee shall be 2/3rd of the total strength of Members.
e. Filling of Vacancies:
i. Casual vacancies shall be filled by decisions of the Executive Committee by 2/3rd Majority.
ii. Some remaining Members of the committee for a term of Office equal to the term of Office bearer who vacated the post.
iii. The term of office of such Members shall be for the remaining period of the Member creating the vacancy.
f. Duties and Powers of Executive Committee:
i. Apart from the above purpose, this Association will endeavour for good purpose whole heartedly.
ii. All motions to be brought before the Annual General meeting shall previously be considered by the Executive committee and copies of such motions along with the agenda of business of the annual general meeting shall be sent by the Hon. General Secretary to each member of the Executive Committee at least 14 days before the date of the meeting of the Executive Committee at which they will be considered.
iii. The total strength of executive committee will not be more than 10% of total previous year strength of UPSA.
iv. To form the executive committee broad based every area in the territorial limit of UPSA should be represented and all the nominated executives should have clear last year dues.
v. Nominations for the Central Council Members shall be made by a committee consisting of four office bearer and president elect.
vi. Academic activity chair person will be decided by elected team for CME & up gradation of members.
vii. The President/ Hon Secretary/Treasurer of the association is empowered to pass any specific orders in the day to day administrative affairs of the association.
viii. To borrow or raise fund in such manner as the association may think fit and collect subscription and donations for the purpose of the association.
ix. To liaison between the members and the suppliers, traders or manufacturers.
x. To constitute a committee that would assist judicial or quasi-judicial bodies in matters related to Medical Ultrasound.
xi. To create or assist in creating committees/sub-committees for any of the purposes aforesaid.
xii. To spread our strength & motivation district chapter should be start in all over Uttar Pradesh.
xiii. Apart from the above purpose, this Association will Endeavour for good purpose whole heartedly.
xiv. The Association has the objective of promoting its objects throughout Uttar Pradesh. So, there can be a committee/sub-committee in every City District / Districts in such a City or District provided there are at least (10) Ten members within the territorial jurisdiction of the City or District.
xv. Such committee/sub-committee in any city of Uttar Pradesh may hold scientific and or business meetings for convenience of the members of that City/District.
xvi. Subject to the Rules and bye-laws of the association, each committee/sub-committee shall be free to govern itself in such a manner as it shall think fit and for that purpose to make from time to time rules, bye-laws as it may think fit to repeat, or alter the same as and when it shall consider it expedient.
xvii. The rules and bye-laws so made and for the time being enforce shall be binding on the members constituting the committee/sub-committee in reference to which they were made, provided that such rules and byelaws are in conformity with the rules and bye-laws of the association and have been approved by the Hon. General Secretary subject to subsequent ratification by the Executive committee.
xviii. Where ever the committee/sub-committee has either no rules of its own or the rules are silent on any point the Rules of the association shall be applicable.
xix. Committee/sub-committee/s shall keep the association office informed about all action as and when taken by them.
xx. No Committee/sub-committee can raise any loan or commit any liability on U.P.S.A.
xxi. Office bearer of UPSA Can decide to join hand in favor of betterment and benefit of their member with any established association in India, for CME, proving material of study to upgrade them or can merge with them without changing U.P.S.A. name.
xxii. To collect funds through grants donations from Govt./Non Govt./Charitable Agencies such as Samaj Kalyan Vibhag, U.P. Central & State Welfare Board, CAPART, AWARD, NABARD, SIDBI, UNICEF, BFID, DFID, DANIDA, DAWAKRA, SIFSA, NAURAD, SUDA, DUDA, Khadi Gramoudyog/Khadi Commissions, Department of Education, Ministry of HRD, National & International Finance agencies etc. for the fulfillment of Objectives.
Tenure: The tenure of the committee shall be for 03 years.



President :
-After current period the next President shall be Vice President of that time from amongst the life members of the “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION” as per the rules laid down for the elections. He/She shall not be nominated by the executive committee.
-The President shall assume office after installation at the time of inauguration of the annual conference.
-The President shall be the chairperson at meetings of the general body and the executive committee and any other committees of the association. He/she shall be member of all committees except the statutory committee.
-The President shall preside over the annual conference and all other meetings of the association.
-The President shall guide and control the activities of the association.
-The President shall regulate the proceedings of all meetings and conferences and interpret the rules and by laws of the association and decide on doubtful decisions/points.
-The President shall be responsible for the affairs of the association and shall as far as possible, be present and preside at all official meetings of the executive committee, the general body and any other committee of the “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION”.
-The President shall in addition to his/her ordinary vote, have a casting vote in case of equality of votes on any decisions in a meeting but not for election of the office bearers of the association.
-The President will undertake tours etc. in the interests of the association whenever required.
– The President shall operate the Bank accounts of the association jointly with the secretary general any of two with compulsory treasurer or joint treasurer of the association.
-The tenure of the President shall be for three years from annual conference to the next two annual conference, if held on schedule.
-The Vice President will automatically take over as the President in the next annual conference of the association after three year completion of President.
-In case of the annual conference not being held in the ensuing year, the Vice President president elect shall automatically assume charge by the 1st November of the same year.
-President shall represent the association at all meetings including those of the government bodies and will represent the association at the international meetings. He/ she will be entitled economy class airfare once in a year if going to attend such meeting on official invitation to transact the business of “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION”.
-The President shall instruct office bearers of the college and the journal if they are not fulfilling their duties satisfactorily.
-In the event of an emergency arising by reason of any cause such as death, detention, resignation or absence for a considerable period out of the country of the president the duties of the president shall be carried out by the vice president. This will be automatically acceptance from the executive committee. The vice President shall be as the president.

-The Vice President shall hold the office for only one term of three years.
-The Vice President, will automatically succeed as the President of “Uttar Pradesh Sonological Association” in the subsequent following association after three year.
-The Vice President shall help the president by supervising the academic and other business of the “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION”.
-The Vice president will do all duties of president in the event of emergency arising by reason of any cause, such as death, detention, resignation or absence for a considerable period out of the country of the president. In absence of

President or Vice President, Senior as per joining UPSA will proceed meeting.
-Incase if Vice President is not active participating then there should be election for New Vice President.
Secretary General:
-Shall be in charge of the central office and employees of the association. The secretary shall be responsible for all administrative work related to the “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION” and for carrying out the directions of the executive committee and as laid down in the memorandum of the association and its rules and regulations.
-Convene meetings of the executive committee.
-Have administrative control of all the affairs of the “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION”.
-Have charge of the correspondence in relation to the association.
-Shall have general supervision of accounts and pass all bills for payment.
-Keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION”, executive committee and all other meetings.
-Shall get annual statement of accounts of the association and prepared by the treasurer duly audited by the approved auditors for adoption by the executive committee and the general body.
-Prepare the annual report of the “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION” for presentation to the general body.
-Be in charge of all documents, property and other assets of the association.
-Collect all the dues of the “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION” and deposit all the amounts into the Bank accounts of the “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION” and inform the treasurer of the money so deposited.
-Shall have the rights to spend a maximum amount of Rs. 500000.00 (Rupees Five Lacs) for the purposes of activities of the association without prior consent of the executive committee at any given time during the one association year.
-The term of the secretary will be for a period of three years, however he/she shall be eligible for re-election for a second term, no person shall be secretary for more than two consecutive terms.
-Perform all such duties as are incidental to his/her office.
-The Secretary General of the “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION” will work as the Secretary of the Journal.
Joint Secretary:
– The Joint Secretary will be nominated by the President and will co-ordinate between the president and the Secretary General for all their administrative activities.
-The term of the joint secretary will be for three years.
-The treasurer shall be elected from amongst the members of the association.
-Shall hold office for a maximum period of Three years, after which he/she shall be eligible for re election for a second term.
-No person shall be elected to the post of the treasurer for more than two consecutive terms.
-The treasurer shall have charge and custody of, and be responsible for all funds and financial security of the association.
-He/She shall receive and give receipts for money due and payable in the name of the Association from any source whatsoever and deposit such money in the designated bank accounts as decided by the executive committee and will perform such other duties as from time to time may be assigned to him/her.
-The treasurer shall maintain complete accounts of the funds and other assets of the association including that of the college, the journal and of funds and other assets connected with or any way controlled by the association.
-The cheques shall be signed by two office bearers of whom one shall be either the president or the secretary general and the other shall always be the treasurer or joint treasurer.
-Due changes of the office bearers and signatories shall be notified to the banks as per the banking laws within one month of assuming the charge.
Joint Treasurer:
In absence of treasurer, Joint Treasurer can operate accounts with informing withdraw of each transaction through email and having other powers of as treasurer in his/her absence to all member of UPSA.
Editor in Chief (Journal):
-Shall be incharge of the journal of the association.
-Shall recommend the names of the members of the editorial board, which shall be duly approved by the executive committee after fulfilling the necessary eligibility criteria.
-Maximum number of the editorial Board shall not exceed fifteen.
-Shall with the editorial board be responsible for regular publication and management of the journal and other scientific publications either in hard copy or digital version or both.
-Shall with the help of the editorial board have the discretion of editing, condensing, correcting or refusing to publish any articles and other matters received for publication.
-Shall follow the directions and guidance from the president and the secretary general with respect to administrative issues such as accounts, non-receipt of the journal, financial matters and major issues concerning the journal.
-Shall have knowledge in PC-PNDT & Legal aspect.
-Shall be responsible for handling media and all related matters.
Honorary Patron:
-UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION appoints persons to the role of Honorary Patron.
-Three senior professional colleagues who comes under Eligibility criteria of membership.
-No fee should be taken from Patron.
-An Honorary Patron shall be someone very Senior Sonologist.
-Very much devoted for clinical sonologist towards their education & make sure that they should follow ethics.
-His or her public achievement, exemplification of outstanding leadership, and stature in association, can help the Lifelong Leadership achieve its mission by enhancing the association credibility, and by modeling different ideals of leadership.
-He or She shall be member of any of Sonologist Association of any state or any federation of Clinical Sonologist.
-Will have voting rights with the association like any other.
-Will not have any special authority over the association.
-Will not be required to attend association meetings, pay any fees or bear any liabilities on behalf of the association.



a. The bye laws must be amended at any regular meeting (a Quorum of one third of total membership of UPSA present) by a two third vote of all members present, provided that Notice of such proposed amendments is given to each member by mail at least ten days prior.
b. No amendment can be made which is not in harmony with the constitution of UPSA.



-The elections of the office bearers of the executive committee of “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION” shall be conducted by postal ballots or electronic voting and shall not be conducted by rising of the hands in the general body meeting.
-All the valid life members of the “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION” enrolled up to 31st May of the preceding year of elections will be eligible to cast their vote.
-If the Annual General Body meeting is held before the elections and if no valid nominations for a vacancy are received the person holding that office shall continue and do so for a full further term irrespective of any other provisions in these bye laws.
-No member of the association shall be eligible to contest for any post of the executive committee unless he or she has been on the register of the for at least complete three years.
-The member should be a life member.
-To be implemented after five years of its registration
-For the posts of the President & the President Elect, the Vice President & the Editor in Chief, a life member should be continuously uninterrupted member of the association for at least 5 years and should have served on the executive committee for at least two full terms of three years of elected post (Not co-opted)
-For the post of the Secretary General, and the Treasurer, the life member should be continuously uninterrupted member of the association for at least 5years and the life member should have served on the executive committee as member for at least three full terms each of three years.
-For the post of executive members the life member should be continuously uninterrupted member of the association for three years.
-Eligibility for re-election: a member shall have attended a total of at least two out of four executive committee meetings of “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION” in a given year.
-The election to the post of editor in chief of the journal, shall be once in every three years, by invited nominations from all the life members of the association.
-The editor in Chief will nominate upto 7 members to the editorial Board.
-The term of President, President elect and Joint Secretary will be for a period of three years only, and the term of all other elected posts of executive committee of “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION” will be for three years.
-The President after completion of his/her tenure, shall remain on the executive committee for future as ex-officio member and shall not be allowed to contest for any post on the executive committee of “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION”, except for nominated posts.
-Founder Member of UPSA Name as Dr. Anil Kumar Srivastava, Dr. Ritu Jain, Dr. Sushil Kumar Sinha, Dr. Deo Prakash Singh, Dr. Anurag Kapur, Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh, Dr. Pushplata Rajput, Dr. Madhu Sudan Gupta, Dr. Kshitij Sharma, Dr. Vinod Prakash Singh, Dr. Parul Agrawal, Dr. Meena Jain & Dr. Virendra Kumar Mishra will always be in executive committee till they are willing to continue. No one can remove them. If any founder members once resign then he/she cannot be added in Executive Committee anymore.

Election Process:
Applications for contesting any post of the executive committee shall be invited at least 02 month in advance of the annual conference.
-It is mandatory that all candidates submit their bio-data and confirmed eligibility and a photograph to the secretary general for verification.
-Online/Ballot papers shall be sent by the election officer by registered post in official envelopes specially prepared for the purpose of elections so as to reach every life member one month prior to the last date of submission of ballot papers.
-The election officer with the help of 4 members shall be in charge of counting of votes in the presence of representative of each contestant or by consent in writing in case of absentia of any representative.
– Schedule of elections will be as follows:
a) Notice for filing, nominations to be sent by 15th June
b) Last date of receiving nominations 15th July
c) Letter of intimation of nominations 25th July
d) Last date of withdrawal of nominations 10th Aug.
e) Dispatch of ballot papers 31th Aug if not online voting.
f) Last date of receipt of ballot papers 30th Sept.
The newly elected office bearers should be ratified and installed at the annual general body meeting of the association at the annual conference.
-If any existing office bearer contests for any post in the forth coming elections of the executive committee of “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION”, He/She shall have to resign from his/her existing post before the last date of withdrawal of nominations for the elections, if the elections are conducted by the “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION” secretariat, but not, if, the elections are conducted by the Election Officer appointed for this purpose from his own office.

Online software should be developed before completing three years on September as per specific criteria line.

Member’s complete data including email id, phone number should be approve by UPSA and only UPSA approve the voters as e-voter. There should be three level of security, first member’s registered mobile number and email id is validated through software, then secret question is being asked. After validation of these, OTP is being generated using third party sms gateway which goes to member’s registered mobile number and registered email id. Without OTP member cannot vote. In case member has already voted, he cannot generate OTP. OTP delivery reports have member’s mobile number, date and time stamp and delivery status. These report come to sms gateway providers eg. Airtel, Vodaphone etc. OTP delivery reports along with delivery status and time stamp is itself a proof that member generated the OTP. At the time of e-voting member’s IP address, date time of vote along with his/her browser’s details are being stored automatically by the e-voting software platform. Date-wise communication with election officer/Secretary.


-The general body shall consist of all life members of the association and shall partake in the decision taken in the general body meeting.
-The honorary and associate members shall not be eligible to participate in the proceedings of the general body meeting.
-The general body shall be the supreme body of the association and shall exercise overall control over the affairs of the executive committee with power to overrule in any matter whatsoever the decision of executive committee and in particular, exercise supreme control over the affairs of association including that of the journal, ratify the decision which the executive committee has taken from time to time, may take during the current association year.
-Ordinarily the general body meeting shall be convened at least once a year preferably at the time of the annual conference of association, at a time and place fixed by the governing body.
-An extra ordinary general body meeting may be convened at any time by the secretary general under the direction of the president for an specific or an important matter of which due notice has been given. The meeting can be called after 15 minutes of the general body meeting.
-Agenda circulated for such extra ordinary general body meeting will only be discussed in such meeting.
-The quorum for the general body meeting should be of at least 75 life members.
-The quorum for the extra ordinary general body meeting should be of at least 50 life members.
-The notice of the general body meeting should be sent to all eligible members at least 30 days before the proposed date of meeting. Information of the General Meeting of the General Assembly, at least 30 days before and special meeting will be given to the members 15 days in advance.
-The notice of the extra ordinary general body meeting should be sent to all eligible members at least 15 days before the proposed date of meeting.
-An extra ordinary general body meeting to discuss any matter of grave concern may be called 15 minutes after the general body meeting no notice is needed for such meeting.
-In all meetings if the quorum is not present within 15 minutes of the appointed time, the meeting shall stand adjourned for a period of 15 minutes and then be convened again to transect the business. If the quorum is not present of the adjourned meeting, the members present whatever their member, shall form the quorum and the meeting will be convened.
-The proceedings of the meeting should be recorded by any convement means.
-In the absence of the president, the vice president will conduct the meeting.
-In absence of both president and vice president, any member of the governing body senior as per UPSA joining may be called upon to conduct the meeting whenever necessary.
-The agenda of the annual general body meeting will be circulated to all members at least 30 days before the meeting along with notice of annual general body meeting.
-The agenda of the annual general body meeting will be as follows:
-To receive and adopt the annual report of the governing body as given by the secretary general on the working of the “UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION” for the preceding year.
-To receive and adopt the accounts balance sheet and auditor’s report for the preceding year.
-To approve the appointment of auditor as recommended by the executive committee.
-To receive and adopt the budget for the coming year.
-Declaration of the results of elections held.
-To transact such other business that may be permitted by the chair.
-Any matter to be discussed and ratified by the general body.



Account can be open with Corporation Bank, Jaunpur Branch as beside to U.P.S.A. office & if any problem in opening account then can be any Nationalized bank. Can have two bank account also. More than Rs.100000.00 (Rupees Ten Lakhs) if any account can be fixed deposited in same bank and details can be shared with all member. No executive committee is needed for that to decide the same.
The Member considered the proposal for opening Account of UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION open with Corporation Bank, Jaunpur Branch, and Uttar Pradesh. After discussion, the following resolution was passed.
“UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that current account of UTTAR PRADESH SONOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION open with Corporation Bank, Jaunpur Branch, Uttar Pradesh and Corporation Bank be and is hereby authorized to honor all cheques, promissory notes, and other instruments drawn by and all bills accepted on behalf of the association whether such account be in credit or, and to accept and credit to the account of the association all moneys deposited with or owing by Corporation Bank on any account or accounts at any time or times, kept or to be kept in the name of the association and the amount of all cheques, notes, bills, other negotiable instruments, orders or receipt provided they are endorsed/signed/issued by Dr. Anil Kumar Srivastav President and Dr. Sushil Kumar General Secretary and Dr. Deo Prakash Singh Treasurer of the association operate the said account Jointly on the behalf of the association and such signature(s) shall be sufficient authority to bind the association in all transactions between Corporation Bank and the trust including those specifically referred to herein. In future after change in office bearer It will be with signature of President, General Secretary & Treasurer. In absence of treasurer, joint treasurer can operate same account.



a. Cash dealings of not more than Rs. 20000.00 (Rupees Twenty Thousand) allowed.
b. For expenditure above Rs. 200000.00 (Rupees Two Lakhs) prior permission of executive committee/ President or treasurer on phone & it is must at e-mail communication.
c. All the payments should be made by cheque as far as possible includes receiving and expenditure.
d. All the money received in cash should be first deposited in bank account and then withdrawn as and when necessary.



The funds of the Association shall be derived from the following sources:
-UPSA office share of the subscription fees of the Life members.
-Income derived from the journal and other publications.
-Contribution from the profits of the annual conference / CMEs and other meetings -20% of registration fees of delegates and 25% of the profits of the annual conference or Rs.10Lacs, whichever is more, after deducting the tax on total profits must be given to the central office of the association. This is mandatory and compulsory. From CMEs 25% of the surplus is contribution of the central office.
-Contributions and grants etc. from the sources authorized by the executive committee and the general body.
-Donations Received from individuals / organizations duly approved by the executive committee / general body.



The accounts for each financial years (Ist April-31st March) shall be audited by the competent Auditor appointed for the purpose by the Executive Committee and the Balance sheet & Income and Expenditure account for the year audited shall be laid down before the annual Meeting of the General Body, through Executive Committee.



a. The President/Vice President shall be the person authorized to sue and to be sued on behalf of the association.
b. Or honorary General Secretary/ Treasurer Uttar Pradesh Sonological Association authorized to precede further on behalf of all association members in Honorable High Court Uttar Pradesh Allahabad/Lucknow Bench/ Supreme Court/any District Court of Uttar Pradesh.
c. After consulting any senior advocate and his decision will be consider final and accepted by all members of association.
d. The President/ Honorary General Secretary/ Treasurer shall be the person authorized to sue and to be sued on behalf of the association. No need to call meeting to take decision for the same.
e. But prefer Hon. Secretary Uttar Pradesh Sonological Association authorized to proceed further on behalf of all association members in Honorable High Court Uttar Pradesh Allahabad Bench or Supreme Court of India or Any other court.
f. After consulting any senior advocate and his or all three decision will be consider final and accepted by all members of association.
g. Legal consultation fee will be transferred to Advocate account by N.E.F.T. not by cash if more than twenty thousand.
h. If Advocate not agreeing for N.E.F.T. then only can be given cash.
i. PAN Card detail is must for transaction related to legal or RTI and TDS should be deducted & inform same time to Chartered Accountant and email copy to all Executive Members.



The Honrary General Secretary shall arrange to maintain proper records like Register for Membership, Minutes, Cash-Book & Ledger, Stock Book etc. all receipts.
The Association shall consist of members whose names are currently on the register of the members and of subsequent members, who shall be those persons, who being eligible, be duly enrolled in such a manner and upon such conditions as may be prescribed and amended from time to time.
There shall be a register maintained by the Secretary General in which the names of all members of the association shall be entered with their qualifications, address, telephone numbers (including mobile and fax) e-mail and biodata provided by members, two photographs and a copy of educational qualifications & copy of registration with Uttar Pradesh Medical Council must be retained in the records of the association which shall be updated from time to time.
Any change in address and qualifications must be intimated to the secretary by the member and confirmation must be received from the secretary.



Dissolution of Society/Association and its property will be carried out under act no. 13 & 14 of Society Registration act-1860.